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Double Side Tongue Cleaner


Simple Steps To Remove Bad Breath:

Step1: Moisten the tongue brush with water and clean the tongue 5-10 times with the bristles of the tongue cleaner.

Step2: Clean the tongue with the scraper on the top of tongue cleaner (from the inside to the outside)

Step3: Rinse your mouth with clean water

Package include:

2* Tongue Scraper

Tongue cleaner helps you effectively maintain a cleaner tongue daily which contributes to overall better dental hygiene. It helps remove the gunk from your tongue that might have inhabited it. It leaves your breath feeling fresh so that you’re ready to face your daily activities.

The tongue cleaner is made of high-quality environmental material, 100% BPA Free,durable, safe, heathly and no smell. With this, you can be sure that the tongue cleaner won’t get damaged right away.

The tongue scrapers come in a set of 2 pieces, so that you can easily replace one when it’s time. You can even give one to each of your family members so it’s truly a great value for money.

Ergonomics design. Easy to use for both adults and children, hassle free! DENTIST HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Suitable for morning and evening use! !

Maintain oral health, clean off the Sundries, enhance your sense of taste. Good begins with a smile and fresh breath. Great Tongue Health GIFT for family, birthday, marriage, thanksgiving and valentines day!


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